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    40 + %

    Zhejiang Jinggong Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”, “Company” or “Jinggong Technology”) is controlled by Jinggong Group Co., Ltd., and completed the shareholding system reform in September 2000. At the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in June 2004 Listing. Securities code: 002006. The company is a national key high-tech enterprise, an advanced collective of the national machinery industry, an outstanding innovation enterprise in the national electronic information industry, an excellent supplier of solar photovoltaic equipment in China, the most influential enterprise in the development of China's new energy industry, and a top 20 enterprise in China's building materials machinery industry. The top 20 and leading enterprises of Building Materials Machinery Industry Association, the vice president unit of the New Energy Chamber of Commerce of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce, the first wholesale unit of China Photovoltaic Industry Alliance, the director of China Photovoltaic Industry Association, the vice president unit of China Building Material Machinery Industry Association, China Textile Machinery Association Standing director unit. The company is positioned as a leader in special equipment technology and a promoter of industrial upgrading. It is mainly engaged in the research and development of high-tech products such as solar photovoltaic special equipment, new building energy-saving equipment, light textile special equipment, carbon fiber special equipment, robots and intelligent equipment. , production and sales and technical services, is the domestic solar photovoltaic technology research and solar photovoltaic special equipment manufacturing industry leading enterprises; the only domestic manufacturer that can provide thousands of tons of carbon fiber production line and carbon fiber microwave graphitization production line; internationally complete, extremely A well-known enterprise with competitive steel structure construction and special equipment for building materials; a well-known production base for special textile equipment in China. Multiple sub-products dominate the market. Among them, the market share of leading products for photovoltaic special equipment and building and building materials special equipment is over 40%, and the market share of special textile equipment is more than 65%. 

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